Saturday, July 18, 2015

Enemies of the Camera

Treacherous, and not to threaten the dust the exterior of the device, but the break in the interior, especially on the sensor. This usually happens when you change lenses.

The best solution is to change as soon as possible, so that the limit dust to enter the sensor module down. Also, do not change their approach to outdoor in critical condition, in short, in a dusty environment in particular. Of course, everything is not always perfect, and if you need to change them, read or impede the natural barrier to protect the body's maximum winds (yes, really: P).

Moreover, remember to dust that may be on the back of the lens already, and thus enter your sensors. So remember, and "Lens Pen" award (this kind of pins with a brush at the end) in the back of your time to time goal

With respect to the dust, which can be applied on the front lens, a lens line during the trick. But do not buy the prize in one of my father, and go in easy, in the worst of the best risk

How to Protect Equipment

5 natural enemies of the Camera: How to Protect Equipment
To invest your savings in the device, and also brings a lot of pleasure in everyday life. If you're anything like me, it's a bit of the apple of the eye! But he does not have a lot of evil enemies, while full of bad guys. Let's see how you can protect yourself.
1. Water
Is public enemy No. 1. Unless housing and completely tropical goal (which is what I think it is not the case for most of you) to own, detection device in the water to be fatal for him immediately.

Worst case scenario is that you will not fall into the ocean, swimming, and the river, and municipal wells or toilet. Do not laugh: It can happen to anyone. The only solution to the structure of your car his belt to tie around the neck, and use it! So yes, it was less than class to keep your presentation SLR 1500 € at hand, but honestly, I have a secret fear that my stomach when I see someone carrying a device in this way takes 

Of course you can address the jewel water in many other ways. First the rain, of course. There are a few drops do not kill him, even if it is not tropical conditions, to be sure. But in the case of heavy rain, do not go, or to protect it. I have already written, and how to protect the camera from the rain.

But water can be tricky: We do not know enough about the condensation can form imaginable on your goals, especially when you're all of a sudden temperature change (especially in winter). First, we must constantly be one or two bags of "silica" in the camera bag. They absorb moisture and prevent this problem, most of the time on the machine. Remember that renewed regularly. Very large differences in temperature, and I suggest that you place the camera in a plastic bag sealed before entering the house, or even try to do it to warm gradually. If -20 ° C outside, do not hesitate to put a small refrigerator (4 ° C) again before you in your room of + 20 ° C

Straight 6

Some of the best choices on Distortion and Overdrive Effect,  Pedals straight 6 Overdrive guitar effects pedals could be traced on renowned site. The new vacuum tube circuit technology known as Hi-Volt delivers high voltage and this newly created Hi-Volt technology changes the expectations for compact effect units enabling the vacuum tube to operate at 200V while simultaneously tend to run on battery.  The distinct circuit tends to work at 20V which is said to be of high voltage operation when compared to several other general effects gears resulting in natural as well as dynamic tone which could be identical to those of vacuum tube amplifier.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tips to be a successful vacation holidays

To make the task facilliter has developed I-skimontagne and implemented several tools:
, You can view the detailed instructions: Choose a ski resort.
You could either use a test to see the perfect ski resort in 8 questions about the tastes and preferences of your direct specific station that allows you to find ski resorts that are with your standards.
2) Choose the host country skiing him: rent, apartments, hotels or B & B?
You may find some items in this section to help you choose the housing that suits you best. For more information, please visit our Help Guide for the selection of skiing and accommodation.

    All inclusive ski holiday

Once again, it will depend on your budget and the type of holiday you are looking for. Holiday "feet under the table" (to do from the ski home in something), it is best to turn to hotels. Some houses also offer catering services.

    Apartments and hotel accommodation

If your budget is a little tight, rents are more suitable. I highly recommend skimontagne HomeAway that allows you to some of the presentations that can show put their homes and cottages. For housing, and we recommend that ski planet that offers a wide range point. Finally hotels page you can go through the book platform. Of course you can also pass by the site of the ski resort concerned to find overnight accommodation in full

3) the choice of means of transport (book in advance you etc ...) for a holiday ski
Transportation interesting possibilities are actually very diverse, and here is the most traditional to the original:

    Personal car

This is a method most commonly used for ski transportation. Perhaps the most convenient, once freely, without coercion. However, this is not necessarily the most economical (if it were not more than 2 or 3 in the car), and the trip can be stressful and uncomfortable, if you need to travel long distances.

    Car (near the station)

The inside of a car is very expensive, if you live away from the lease of the mountain. But little of the following means of transport (trains, buses, plane ...) with a rental car is useful in some cases. You can use this for SNCF trips site that brings many rental deals. I-skimontagne advise your attention to rent a car by the owner contact (For more information, please visit the sites of two of the key players and Drivy OuiCar)

    Train (perhaps with custom) car

Of the holiday it has the advantage that some peace: the safe transportation, and the possibility of sleep or take care of all on the road ... and this is not the preferred solution at the last minute because the train ticket prices are too high. By cons, where the advance, the savings can be easily accessed (especially with young opponent, family or other cards). The difficulty lies in the ski area is easily accessible by train (and then e-Shuttle): The following are the stations that very quickly go skiing in the process, after you enable I-skimontagne.
You also have the possibility to start legal hand rail tickets "Prem" or others that can not be canceled by the owner to buy. Prices are therefore useful, even at the last minute. For more information, please visit

Saturday, April 25, 2015

How to Plan a Vacation on a Budget

Holiday plan is not necessarily obvious, especially when it is the first or the first time! This brief guide to help you choose from among the hundreds of ski ticket prices for ski and ski equipment rental.

1. Select ski resort
2. Find accommodation for your stay on
3. Determine the most appropriate means of transportation
4. buy or rent ski equipment
5. vacation management: good feedback
1) ski resort of choice
They will choose in the first place, of course, your ski. The success of your skis to a large extent linked to this choice: the best, the resort, and the best to choose your sports profile, your taste, your family or a group. You should consider several parameters:
Level skiers -THE (for beginners are not the same conditions for experienced skiers).
-THE Date of your ski holiday (not the station does not choose for himself in the Christmas holiday, in February or April!).
-Your Budget (depending on the station to switch easily between a month and two months).
The presence or absence of -THE children (some stations developed dramatically from infrastructure to accommodate children during the winter holiday)
Activities that want to practice (skiing, snowshoeing, dog skiing, night skiing, spa ...)
-Your Other needs (need sunlight? Beautiful in the country? Ski on the tree? Comfort or reverse many of the animation?)


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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Peer pressure in young people

It is also found that teachers should use the information "standard" in their approach. In fact, tend to exaggerate the students estimate the prevalence of drug use among their peers and a misunderstanding of the "normal" consumption. Can taking into account the dimension of "standard" play a crucial role in preventing the play, and resistance strategies to encourage young people to use in dealing with peer pressure. Without reference to resistance skills standard form dimension proved relatively effective.
It should also pay attention to how teachers lead entering  We need to make sure that interventions with the spirit of the program, and it is adapted faithfully to local priorities on Drugs and Crime. Those who need the program to be included for the management and focus on the students, and the use of interactive methods. Young people are more open to information about prevention of drug abuse to the extent that they are relevant, honest and transmitted by a trusted person. Finally, it should be emphasized that effective drug prevention interventions in schools are often in the context of a more comprehensive integrated approach, and covers both drug use and crime in communities that have to be made.

Peer pressure

The programs focus on the development of social skills work better resistance to learning skills. Learning methods such as behavioral responses of cognitive act, and to promote behavioral rehearsal are more effective than traditional discussions or meetings. In this sense, the "educational" approach is not with the interactive and creative approaches.
Among the most promising programs, we must remember that goal, and we consider that young people have started taking drugs because they offer their own image or care to peer pressure and social influences. This approach suggests that in order to withstand the pressure, it is essential that young people are the arguments against and know how to use it, so appropriƩe.Skara and Sussman studies that have been investigated and determine the effectiveness of prevention programs to programs based on the model of social influence and limit to prevent drug use effectively during the period of up to 15 years after the end of the intervention.

Cymbal deals

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why this approach work?

According to studies, it appears that these programs provide meaningful results because it is the behavior of young people in the use of alcohol and other substances to be considered heavily influenced by the social context is influenced by biological and emotional needs, real and imaginary pressure from peers or others. Interventions, which are only to develop appropriate attitudes and providing factual information in the row failed, it takes into account the social environment pressure.
In general, the effects of prevention programs based on the media, when footnote instead this information does not provide a continuously 0.40 decrease with time. Also, you should consider the programs in this area as a model for paying special attention to the problems of the dose and duration. These programs are administered in the critical stages of a child's growth if they (the transition from elementary school to high school, for example) are more receptive to messages. In terms of duration and intensity, long-term intensive programs and include strengthening efficaces.

A good practice for the prevention of drug abuse

Although some executed in the prevention of school projects are the subject of studies, research and evaluation, it is important to improve the accuracy of assessments and analyzes more descriptive and systematic reviews. Work in this area is a practical guide for practitioners is to follow the processes and strategies. This section will cover the basics of what you need to remember when it comes to the implementation of prevention programs in schools.
In order to better understand what strategies to adopt, it makes sense to start with the other hand, that is, look at what does not work or does not work well. For example, the following footnote programs to reduce the use of materials not 38: programs based on the dissemination of information, mainly to educate young people about drugs and their effects. We are concerned that the focus on the risks associated with the use of drug-based programs. Existing programs on ethics, he asserts that the use of drugs is morally wrong address. Programs on an emotional education in order to improve self-esteem, and the ability to make responsible decisions and personal development.
Include methods that seem effective in reducing drug abuse for young people to learn certain skills to resist social pressure to buy, or through specific skills and a single application or in conjunction with public education sociales.


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