Saturday, April 25, 2015

How to Plan a Vacation on a Budget

Holiday plan is not necessarily obvious, especially when it is the first or the first time! This brief guide to help you choose from among the hundreds of ski ticket prices for ski and ski equipment rental.

1. Select ski resort
2. Find accommodation for your stay on
3. Determine the most appropriate means of transportation
4. buy or rent ski equipment
5. vacation management: good feedback
1) ski resort of choice
They will choose in the first place, of course, your ski. The success of your skis to a large extent linked to this choice: the best, the resort, and the best to choose your sports profile, your taste, your family or a group. You should consider several parameters:
Level skiers -THE (for beginners are not the same conditions for experienced skiers).
-THE Date of your ski holiday (not the station does not choose for himself in the Christmas holiday, in February or April!).
-Your Budget (depending on the station to switch easily between a month and two months).
The presence or absence of -THE children (some stations developed dramatically from infrastructure to accommodate children during the winter holiday)
Activities that want to practice (skiing, snowshoeing, dog skiing, night skiing, spa ...)
-Your Other needs (need sunlight? Beautiful in the country? Ski on the tree? Comfort or reverse many of the animation?)


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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Peer pressure in young people

It is also found that teachers should use the information "standard" in their approach. In fact, tend to exaggerate the students estimate the prevalence of drug use among their peers and a misunderstanding of the "normal" consumption. Can taking into account the dimension of "standard" play a crucial role in preventing the play, and resistance strategies to encourage young people to use in dealing with peer pressure. Without reference to resistance skills standard form dimension proved relatively effective.
It should also pay attention to how teachers lead entering  We need to make sure that interventions with the spirit of the program, and it is adapted faithfully to local priorities on Drugs and Crime. Those who need the program to be included for the management and focus on the students, and the use of interactive methods. Young people are more open to information about prevention of drug abuse to the extent that they are relevant, honest and transmitted by a trusted person. Finally, it should be emphasized that effective drug prevention interventions in schools are often in the context of a more comprehensive integrated approach, and covers both drug use and crime in communities that have to be made.

Peer pressure

The programs focus on the development of social skills work better resistance to learning skills. Learning methods such as behavioral responses of cognitive act, and to promote behavioral rehearsal are more effective than traditional discussions or meetings. In this sense, the "educational" approach is not with the interactive and creative approaches.
Among the most promising programs, we must remember that goal, and we consider that young people have started taking drugs because they offer their own image or care to peer pressure and social influences. This approach suggests that in order to withstand the pressure, it is essential that young people are the arguments against and know how to use it, so appropriée.Skara and Sussman studies that have been investigated and determine the effectiveness of prevention programs to programs based on the model of social influence and limit to prevent drug use effectively during the period of up to 15 years after the end of the intervention.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why this approach work?

According to studies, it appears that these programs provide meaningful results because it is the behavior of young people in the use of alcohol and other substances to be considered heavily influenced by the social context is influenced by biological and emotional needs, real and imaginary pressure from peers or others. Interventions, which are only to develop appropriate attitudes and providing factual information in the row failed, it takes into account the social environment pressure.
In general, the effects of prevention programs based on the media, when footnote instead this information does not provide a continuously 0.40 decrease with time. Also, you should consider the programs in this area as a model for paying special attention to the problems of the dose and duration. These programs are administered in the critical stages of a child's growth if they (the transition from elementary school to high school, for example) are more receptive to messages. In terms of duration and intensity, long-term intensive programs and include strengthening efficaces.

A good practice for the prevention of drug abuse

Although some executed in the prevention of school projects are the subject of studies, research and evaluation, it is important to improve the accuracy of assessments and analyzes more descriptive and systematic reviews. Work in this area is a practical guide for practitioners is to follow the processes and strategies. This section will cover the basics of what you need to remember when it comes to the implementation of prevention programs in schools.
In order to better understand what strategies to adopt, it makes sense to start with the other hand, that is, look at what does not work or does not work well. For example, the following footnote programs to reduce the use of materials not 38: programs based on the dissemination of information, mainly to educate young people about drugs and their effects. We are concerned that the focus on the risks associated with the use of drug-based programs. Existing programs on ethics, he asserts that the use of drugs is morally wrong address. Programs on an emotional education in order to improve self-esteem, and the ability to make responsible decisions and personal development.
Include methods that seem effective in reducing drug abuse for young people to learn certain skills to resist social pressure to buy, or through specific skills and a single application or in conjunction with public education sociales.


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Friday, November 21, 2014

Protective factors at different stages of a child's growth

This person is a risk of addiction or deficient for the development of the number and type of risk factors that are exposed. Showed the risk factors in the community and Arthur collaborateurs juvenile delinquency and drug abuse in the proportion of their neighborhoods, where young people have little or no binding to particularly high society. It has been proven that the perceived availability of cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana and other illicit drugs to be a good indicator of the use of these materials.

Found in connection with the school, and Arthur collaborateurs, by the end of primary school, and increases both the risk of drug abuse and crime, and school failure. Factors such as the desire to go to school, and the time spent on homework positive to work in schools to reduce the risk of consumption outlook.

What Factors Contribute to Child Abuse

In a family environment, research has shown that children of parents who are drug and alcohol addiction or tolerant of drug use are more likely to consume. Other risk in a family environment factors are: the lack of parent-child bonds (bad relationship) and links, and the supervision of the poor parents and poor conflict management familiaux. discipline parents and family cohesion and parental management are the main family risk factors that a strong relationship with the youth consumption.

Finally, and swells the individual characteristics and the impact of peers, as early as the beginning of use, more involvement in drug use and frequency. The research shows that the impact of risk and protective factors are complex and intensity vary at different stages of a child's growth. For example, the participation of peers who use drugs is an important risk factor in adolescence than in childhood. In children, the family risk factors have more influence.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Drug abuse and crime

The problems of youth at risk from consumption or drug use in combination with other anti-social behavior or violent. He repeated studies on crime and a relationship between the forms of addictive drugs and criminalité. confirmed and the question is not whether it exists or not, however, a better understanding of drug-related crimes, as this relationship occurs. At the moment there is no clear answer to this question. Find in this topic provides a variety of results, and the investigation depending on the type of drug, and individual characteristics, socio-demographic structure of the cohorts, psychological orientation, economic status, and biological indicators of environmental and other dependent. These links are not addressed in this document because it is outside the scope of it.

Overall, crime has reached in mid-adolescence and decreases significantly after the age of 18 years. By cons, despite the fact that illegal substances often begins in the mid-teens, and the initiation of drug use can also follow young adultes., according to the work of Eliot and has a staff  proportion of serious failure by 70% among young people as part of the sample was young , while the use of many drugs during the same period by 350%. These same studies also show that the majority of young people, small and crime almost always precedes the drug. In any of the cases studied, the use of marijuana and other criminals coming from the behavior of the drug. This indicates that the relationship between drugs and crime are complex, but présente.

The links between drug abuse and crime is still unclear and learn more about the nature of this relationship, we need to detail how it is reflected in the consideration of the various segments of the population. According to a study conducted by Pernanen and colleagues,  and confirmed the crime rate with the use of alcohol and drugs in Canada is linked to the existence of a strong relationship between drug abuse and criminal behavior. Research in this area suggests that drug abuse and involvement in criminal activities, including drug violence, and the use of firearms and violence of street gangs, and the product of a similar risk factors. These risk factors have more or less pressure on the power of the individual and can be high-risk behavior, and this, in turn, promote the use of both or drug use, and the involvement of criminals more or less seriously lead. As the intensity increases rooted behavior works, the use of narcotic substances and anti-social behavior and mutually reinforcing.

Orbits juvenile delinquents studies have shown that deviant behavior early is shown, when stubbornly and when accompanied by drug use, reliable and delinquent careers indication in adulthood. According to social surveys in this area, and the acceptance of drug use footnote problem is the rate of use of illicit substances since 1990 in parallel with the increase in increments under jeunes. In a recent study on the crime itself reported on a sample of young people in Toronto, conducted 27 was found to be alcohol abuse and illicit drugs was common, especially in juvenile delinquents. If you said 34% of non-criminals, they consume alcohol and 23% were drunk, and participated in the corresponding figures of 73% and 48% of young people in one or more delinquent behavior.

This is also the possibility that communities have a high proportion of young people and the high crime rate in drogues. in 2002, he adds, was the crime rate in the fight against addiction Law of 100,000 people is higher among those aged 18-24 years, followed by those located in the age group of 12-17 years. According to a study conducted by Ericsson and butter in Toronto, the fact of the sale of the drug significantly the likelihood of firearms violence among young people has not increased regularly to school or nursery.

Drug and alcohol abuse, especially, can the causative agent of the disease worsening or criminal acts, either by weakening colleges and suitable for difficult cases or make individuals more susceptible to abuse. "Abuse" the results of the social investigation Generale footnote 302 004, was associated with about 52% of the reported cases of violence and asked for the victim, and excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs on the part of the attacker . In addition, many of the relationship between drug abuse and studies sexual assault more than half of the offenders had alcohol or drugs before committing sexuelle.Footnote assault of the 32 consumed emphasized the factors that may explain both drug use and criminal behavior, it erwähnens poverty, and lack of commitment to social values​​, and personality disorders, and the participation of people with drug or deviation worth the expense and loss of contact with the agents of socialization.