Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Family in Islam

The family is the basic unit of society in the decision process. Islamic family system offers a good balance between the rights of man and wife and children and parents. They grow unselfish behavior, generosity and love in the context of a well-organized. Peace and security offered by a stable family of highly regarded and is considered a key element in the spiritual development of its members. And harmonious social order is the existence of extended families and the great value that we have created children.

We do not see how Muslims treatThe elderly?In the Islamic world , it is rare to find a home for the elderly . Will the expenses for the care of his parents take in the most difficult time of her life as an opportunity to grow spiritually as an honor and a blessing , as well. In Islam , it is not enough just to pray for our parents , we must also work out with limitless compassion , remembering that we are small and weak when we prefer it to himself . Honoring mothers in particular. Muslim parents when they reach old age , they are treated with compassion and kindness and altruism .In Islam , parents and service is second only to pray and duty , and it is their right to demand . Is considered despicable to express irritation when they are older difficult without fault of their own .

What is the status of women in Islam ?

Islam sees a woman , whether single or married , as an object independently, and the right to dispose of his property and income without it on any ( if the disposal of her father from a man or someone else ) . Has the right to buy and sell , give gifts and alms -giving and spend his money as he sees fit. In the wedding ceremony the bride before her husband gets the dowry her way , and she keeps her family name instead of her husband .

Islam encourages the husband to treat his wife well , as the Prophet Muhammad said :  . The best among you are those best to their wives
Are dealing with mothers in Islam with a lot of respect . Islam recommends treating them in the best way . A man came to the Prophet Muhammad , and asked: " O Messenger of Allah , what is the person who is most deserving of my company is good ," said the Prophet : { . Mother } The man said : "And who ," said the Prophet : { mother. } Man asked : "And who else," the Prophet said : { Your mother . } Man asked again , "and who ," said the Prophet {} father

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work during the days of revisions

There is only what you planned in your schedule . Again, we need to organize :
1. Choose a quiet place to work and make all your revisions do not have time to move your belongings from one place to another. When friends offer joint audits , to ensure that they fully intend to work. If you go (home ) together in a new place , make sure that they have comfortable conditions (sleeping , dining , office for you) . Side - to - side , but all your revisions on your side and relax together during meals.
2. Get up to a specified time in the morning for work, if possible not too late (about 8 or 9 on the clock) , and stood in the evening as a solid (not too late ). Sleep at least 7 hours .
3. Be sure to continue to focus : putting you in your office , do not turn your laptop to be disturbed . Do not spend a lot of time on the problem because you can focus more effectively from 40 to 50 minutes. Every 50 minutes , so a little 5 minute break : air, get up , go drink a glass of water , listen to music , sit at work: good concentration again. If you dream to change the subject so as not to waste time .
4. One day before , and relax ! Do not try to check everything within a few hours , it is impossible , and will serve only be worried. Relax , and prepare your company for the next day and go to bed at a reasonable time , neither too early nor too late.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to make a schedule revisions

Has been completed courses, you long before you check journéees. But not to start in the study, without a program :
1. The number of days that you have to re-examine the following day before the exam - make a list of all courses ( or subjects ) to work , and in all subjects
2. Complete the table spread lessons once a day , starting from the oldest course (designed at the beginning of the year ) and it is no longer young . Also make your clogged ( the wrong way , or did not learn ) in early revisions . Follow the progress of the program, and you often need to concepts learned in the beginning to understand what follows. To set the subjects of study each day :
3. The inclusion of difficult issues and topics in the morning or late in the afternoon
4. Alternative materials . Trade , for example , do not do the math for a full day , and then a story for another day , then right ... But every day, a chapter of the nest mathematics , the story , the law ... : You can spend less time in each subject and keep light remember different materials .
5. If you do not work on the theme of a nest of course , exercises , read the text, and so on. - Spend more time on topics big factor .
6. A precise timetable every hour or better, and a half -hour after half an hour, and determine the start time beginning in the morning and if you stop in the evening ( no later than 23 hours ) .

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Facts About Violence Against Women

Men do not , they are just as likely as women victims of violence ?

    We firmly believe that any form of violence is unacceptable and supports campaigns that others want to stop the violence . However , as an organization that is dedicated to the welfare of women , and focused on our mandate specifically on women and girls . However , we offer joint programs for the prevention of teen violence that meets the needs of young people of both sexes to meet.
    According to the police , and the abuse of men (49%) and women (51%) in Canada is in danger comparable. However, if you are more susceptible to attack by a stranger or someone unrelated to the men , they are more likely to be abused by someone they know women .     Some studies have abused their own, almost likely as men to use violence against their partners are women. Although some people say that men acknowledge unpleasant , will be abused by a woman, is in fact the opposite is true in the search for self- reported abuse men tend to appreciate the violence of her partner, and underestimate them. In contrast, women overestimate their power , and underestimate their partners. This explains why the search for self-reported abuse often report a similar degree of violence between men and women , while other studies clearly indicate that the proportion of women for the vast majority of the victims.
    Also, did not clearly define the research on self-reported abuse that men are more likely than the instigator of the violence , while they are more likely to use violence to defend themselves from women .
    Most men are not violent toward their families . When domestic violence , but the overwhelming majority of victims are women :
        And reported eighty-three percent of all cases of domestic violence to the police committed against women .  We note that the trend for all Canadian provinces and territories .
        In cases of domestic violence , and women suffer more severe forms of violence and said the throttle and beatings and threats with a knife or a gun or sexual assault three times higher proportion of men . Women injured  more often , and get a restraining order  and fear for their lives .
        Over the past 30 years in Canada , under the homicide rate in the three joint 's four times higher than the rate for men.
        About 80 % of women victims of violence .
        Rate of sexual crimes in the hands of family members is four times higher than girls with boys

Causes of violence against women

    The causes of violence lies in the presence in the community , the belief that the needs and feelings and beliefs of a person or group of people is more valuable or important than that of another person or another group . This disparity creates a basic justification for such acts of humiliation and intimidation and control , violence and even murder .
    In our society , and looks at the inequalities between men and women in many fields , such as politics , religion, media, and cultural norms and the workplace. Men and women receive many messages - sometimes explicit , sometimes turning - after that , people are more important than women . In this context , it is easier to believe that the man has the right to impose its will , and control over a woman, even if it means resorting to violence. Not only is the error of this type of behavior is against the law .
    There is no evidence that alcohol or mental illness are the factors that lead to acts of violence by men against women . Men who abuse their partners often violent to his friends , their neighbors , their boss or strangers.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Find a place of husband

It is normal for the first time your baby is the center of the world for you and your wife. But it is vital that women become aware of the mom and dad know again husband. Your couple is the foundation of the family, and we must preserve.

When the mother is a little more detached from her baby, an exit plan from time to time to recover, asking friends or relatives to keep the little tip: dine tete-a-tete in a romantic restaurant or watch a good movie.

In regard to romantic relationships, let your wife time to recover from childbirth and as a result of episiotomy if there was one, and prefer the caress. For it to feel desirable again, tell him that you find beautiful, that you love, give him a robe or something that rekindles her femininity. Plus you will prove loving and attentive, the less time it takes your wife to feel new lover is long.

Finding your place as father

You two were starting to motherhood, and it is three you get home. The ring structure, organization, life just changed, and to a great start this new life to three, you must find your place.

Finding your place as father

On returning from maternity, some young mothers think only their baby. They live a symbiotic relationship with him, and it is up to you to make room for the mother focus on the family.

To do this, do you hold the most out of your baby: change it, give him the bath, make him hugs, because the more you will take care of your baby, the more it will detach, and you affirm your role father.

If you feel excluded while your wife is breastfeeding, get closer and sit by his side: you will see that looking at your child suck, your sense of exclusion will fly! So by participating as much as possible that you will find your site naturally father.

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