Sunday, July 25, 2010

The incompetent cervix

The incompetent cervix is an anomaly that can be very dangerous for the pregnancy. If it is discovered in time, treatment can increase the chances of carrying a pregnancy to term.

What the incompetent cervix?

The incompetent cervix represents an abnormal opening of the cervix. This gap may be due to a congenital abnormality, ie a malformation of the neck, but also to trauma (difficult delivery, fetal aspiration after a miscarriage, abortion ...).

What are the risks of an incompetent cervix?

As the uterus is not properly closed, the incompetent cervix can cause miscarriage in the first weeks, or a premature birth. It is also possible that the cervix was completely closed in early pregnancy expands during the latter, due to fatigue caused by intense efforts too large or too sustained pace of life.

What are ways to remedy an incompetent cervix?
To search for a possible gap, the doctor can examine the cervix by performing either a hysteroscopy which involves introducing a catheter into the uterus, a hysterography using this time radiography.

If the gap is confirmed and you are pregnant less than four months, the doctor will suggest a cerclage, which involves placing a wire around the cervix to keep it closed. If the pregnancy is more advanced, it may be that you have no choice but to see the rest of bedrest in the most serious cases, because the banding becomes risky and can cause contractions and then premature delivery in beyond four months of pregnancy.

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