Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Define its identity

What is our true identity? How to discover the meaning of our life? Does a business, an image, an ethnic group, sexual orientation, temperament or social status is sufficient to define who we are?

If we define our identity as a simple set of personal characteristics, we neglect the whole issue of meaning to our existence. A hollow and inconsistent definition of our identity can not provide an answer to this question.

If you think there is more to this life than the image you project, you can then look beyond this life over and scan the eternity to explore your eternal identity. If you have an eternal existence, life after death, then your identity is surely linked to a reality beyond this world and natural life.

If we care about just our appearance in this life, we can become slaves to the superficial and ephemeral models that are conveyed by the media, culture and society, and whose scope is neither sustainable nor meaningful. Our invented images are too poor substitutes to meet our real needs.

The old adage "When you die, you die alone" is axiomatic that a sentence raises the question: "What with us beyond death? "There is only one constant sustainable transcends all boundaries of the finite life and natural for the next life - a relationship with God, eternal and infinite.

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