Monday, October 18, 2010

Long live the small talk!

According to psychologists, this charming defect is still not an end. If our spouse sometimes irritates, the chatter can release tension and be as effective as a therapy!

Chatter with its neighbor table, the guardian of the property or his hairdresser, talk about anything and everything, beautiful weather that goes away and vacations that are far away, or the latest fashion trends, this does 'looks like nothing, but it is essential! These chats allow us to escape the everyday and to establish contact with others. On the other hand, when the secrets are more serious, articulate our concerns and our frustrations helps us to relativize: it relieves. Moreover, for Mary Haddou, a clinical psychologist and author of "Self-confidence", "gossip can bring down the nervous tension! Talking somatization saves us, because our emotions (positive or negative, sad or gay), speak instead of burrowing deep within us. Moreover, the fact that women are as talkative explains why they are less violent than men and are far less numerous behind Bars! ".

A real therapy

Virtually all psychotherapies go through the floor, allowing all to express without the deed. With a professional, the floor is liberating, it becomes human to become dialogue, exchange and communication. But a close friend also often fills the role of therapist! Some professionals take care of our bodies while we open our mind: hairdresser, beautician, chiropodist, physiotherapist, masseuse ... In a regressive position, to whom we entrust our cares intimate and familiar with all the details of our life and many secrets alcove!

Re-learn to speak ...

In everyday life we do not discuss, we share practical information. We must rediscover the taste from chatting, especially with your children. Certainly they have learned their lessons finished their glass of milk and tidy their room. And if you stop to question them constantly to discuss with them? Children love to chatter, and they often take advantage of these moments to tell what they have in their heads and sometimes disturbing. So turn off the television during dinner!

At work, gossip is an excellent defense, faced with stress or change. And it is also talking to the coffee machine that learns a place becomes available in the accounting department, that HRD is mutated, the boss has to join a large group, or the committee company offers tickets for the upcoming festival of jazz! But be careful not to spread gossip and other false rumors: this may work against you.

Of course, do not neglect the dialogue with your spouse. By dint of thinking "he does not listen to what I said," you end up not talking for nothing. Feel free to discuss while waiting for your turn at the supermarket checkout or with your neighbors in the elevator. Engage the conversation, you risk nothing, and a little spontaneity is so nice!

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