Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meditation therapy?

Meditation is not it rather a spiritual practice or religious? Indeed, those are Eastern spiritualities that have brought meditation to Westerners. Many people say that meditating is above all to be truly in touch with yourself and ultimately with "the whole universe." Several experts in meditation, the author Placide Gaboury, even claim that to meditate really, it's better not to have any purpose.

However, research conducted over the past 40 years have observed that meditation has a number of measurable physiological and psychological benefits. Regardless of cultural or religious context, it can be used by all as an approach that favors the well-being and health. It is especially this aspect that we address in this form.

Meditation, like several other techniques, is one of mind-body approaches. A complete card sets out the principles underpinning these approaches and their major potential applications.

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