Monday, October 11, 2010


Oliveology is a Shave gel which is a unique formulation of the experts derived from the realms of nature. It protects the skin against successive passages related to the blade and keeps the razor burn while limiting the risks of brownouts. It also compensates for the deterioration of the hydrolipidic film. The methods of processing raw materials for the manufacturing of this shave gel are according to the pharmaceutical tradition. Carefully handpicked, the those ingredients are crushed, cut or pressed before being put in maceration, infusion, decoction, distillation... In contact with water, this excellent shaving cream forms thin, creamy foam that prepares the hair in the portion of the blade to shave effective kind to the skin. With extracts of hydroxyethyl cellulose derived from olive oil, it protects sensitive skin and reduces razor burn. I had purchased for myself the through their online site the 8oz Bottle of the Oliveology shaving gel for just $8.00. Get Your Oliveology NOW! For more information, Just log on to Thanks!

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