Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Suicide - give life another chance

Give life a chance. Surely you read this article because the idea of ending your life crosses your mind, or someone around you thinks maybe.

If you are that person who has lost all hope for what is ahead, I urge you to read this article. I want to talk personally. I know you may have already planned to end your days, or maybe you've already attempted. Everything that you think is the despair in which you are immersed, and it is impossible for you to continue living like that. The pain is too strong. Nobody understands the weight that you wear or the emotional turmoil you have.

But you're here today, because you're here, let me share with you the hope of how your life can be different, and tell you why you should give a second chance at life.


I would like you to consider something else rather than trying to end your days. You've probably tried to make you follow or speak to someone to not flinch. I ask you to try again to meet these milestones, these steps will help guide you in another direction, away from self-destructive thoughts that torment you.

First, you need to understand why you are depressed.

You may tell yourself "I do not know why. I am a failure. I have debts. My wife / husband left me (e). One person died. I'm unemployed. I am alone (e). I'm ________ (fill in). I want to say that despite the many problems and difficulties you have, there are chances that you are suffering physically as a misregulation brain chemical, which is the main reason why you feel depressed.

Many depressed people do not realize that depression is caused by a deficiency of chemicals in the brain. An article recently published by the world renowned Mayo Clinic explains that "experts believe a genetic vulnerability coupled with factors that depend on the environment, such as stress or physical illness, may trigger an imbalance of brain chemicals , neurotransmitters, causing depression. It appears that the disruption of three neurotransmitters - serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine - is linked to depression. "

These chemicals help to concentrate, improve mood and increase energy. Treatments can help to increase the production of these chemicals, combined with natural methods such as exercise and take time to grow spiritually. Working on yourself is essential to address problems such as loss of a loved one due to divorce or death, low self-esteem, guilt, resentment, anger or sexual abuse in the past. We must confront these crises and losses, and resolve to mourn.

Did you go see someone to be cared for and to treat your depression? If this is not the case, immediately go see your doctor or psychiatrist, or go to the emergency center nearest you to get help. You can find a counselor or go to the nearest psychiatric facility. If you have suicidal thoughts, call 911 (U.S. and Canada) or 112 (France). Do it now!

If you already have a psychological, you should consult with your therapist and / or psychiatrist to tell them that you need help getting rid of these suicidal thoughts and self-destruction of these projects. Ask a family member or friend to accompany you.

Understanding your depression and challenge your emotions

You can not trust her feelings into a depression. Feelings are not objective truth. Feelings are an indicator of your thoughts subjective and you must explore the thoughts you dwell on and that led you to consider killing yourself. Consider kill himself, is to believe the lies about life and the future. Many people have suffered from depression, but they were not lulled into thinking their feelings. They had the courage to continue, the courage to believe that their future and their life could be different.

Martin Luther described the behavior he had visually very often when morale was low "for over a week, I was at death's door. I was shaking my whole being. Christ was completely lost. I was shaken by desperation and blasphemy of God. " (So here I am this day, Abingdon Press)

Don Baker, pastor and author, wrote about the depression he experienced: "I had the impression of being outside of reality. Life was a blur, often without direction. My life seemed nothing more than a sham, a fantasy. Nothing was important to me, not even God. The only solution at that time seemed to have resorted to suicide ... "

These men did not follow their feelings. They rejected the thoughts of despair and went forward. They were able to overcome their obstacles and their sense of defeat. You either, you should not get carried away by your thoughts and negative feelings.

It is time to challenge these thoughts, time to consider your life from a different angle. You are a person of value. You are important and you can change your thoughts and your behavior, and improve your life! I also implore you to give God a chance for him to also give you hope. Turn to God and ask Him for help and advice. Why not find out what it can do? I could show how it has changed lives, those who found collapsed and brought hope to those who feel lost.

Ask yourself:

1. What feelings are hidden under my depression?

2. Do I suffer from a lack of self-esteem?

3. Am I having guilt problems?

4. I have difficulty establishing or maintaining relationships?

5. Am I afraid of something?

6. Am I struggling to recover from a loss?

7. What kinds of thoughts control my mind?

8. How can I go in search of God?

Ask God to reveal things. Then pray and ask for help to change your life from the inside. Do not give up! Do not be a coward! Spend an agreement with a relative to continue living.

Overcoming Despair

Most of the time, those who feel depressed are not doing what it would take to feel better. You must fight the depression and move forward. Assign someone your feelings, tell him your life. Express feelings to someone is very beneficial! Explore with someone, especially a psychologist, which is the basis of your feelings can help you start solving problems.

See your doctor for a thorough examination and tell him your depression can lead to other therapies to treat the physiological causes. It is very likely that you had to resort to antidepressants. Regular exercise and a healthy diet contributes significantly to the improvement and can also increase production of neurochemicals which the body needs.

Spending time with those who care about you, friends, God, your family or your church give you benchmarks and help you give new meaning to your life.

Where to begin? You read this article. Will you consider making a step towards life? A step to rebuild your life? A step to seek help? Do you refuse to believe the lies you tell. These lies that say that life is hopeless, that you are worthless and that the future does not exist.

I'm here to tell you that your life has a future and a hope. I saw so many people get help and continue for a better life!

Call a counselor. You can find a counselor. Make a list of things that will help you start over.

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