Saturday, October 9, 2010

What are you trying to hide from others

You walk down the street, you're at school or at the office ... and all of a sudden you realize you're naked - or in their underwear or pajamas, or slippers, but in any case not in the appropriate costume!

Of course, the situation is horribly embarrassing for the dreamer. But what does it reveal? According to Freud, this kind of thinking would be the expression of an unconscious desire for exhibitionism, sometimes linked to the nostalgia of childhood where nudity is simply lived until adulthood.

But the most common interpretation of this dream is that its literal meaning: "to be exposed." The garments are then the symbol of your social personality, and dreams of nudity means you have the feeling of having been seen through by others, have revealed your true personality to light. Whether because of shyness, a secret or a double play .. the eyes of others is there a threat to you?

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