Sunday, October 10, 2010

You probably miss your confidence

Although this is a long time since you remitted red pens and copies doubles in dreams you see yourself trying to work on a harrowing examination or to receive the announcement of disastrous results. Rather unpleasant, right?

Just take literally what kind of dreams to realize that they are fairly transparent: why did you feel the need to constantly "prove yourself"? Do you feel that someone, personally or professionally, trying to judge your value, and are you afraid to disappoint that expectation? You cross an especially difficult test, you are afraid not to come out victorious?

You entered, dream exam often reveals a lack of confidence. You feel constantly "tested" with your surroundings and do not give enough credit to your ability to perform your duties. Maybe you self-examine once he can convince your subconscious that you really too old exams ...

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