Friday, November 26, 2010

When losing her virginity?

Losing her virginity, that is to say?

Technically, a woman is still a virgin if her hymen (the membrane flexible at the entrance of the vagina) is still intact. When there is sex, and therefore penetration, the man's penis enters the vagina and the hymen tears. Light bleeding can then occur. That is what is called defilement or loss of virginity.

Many misconceptions still circulating on the loss of virginity. A little clarification is needed: you can not lose her virginity on horseback. In contrast, the regular practice of a sport as dancing or horse riding can relax the hymen, which will make the first penetration less painful.

The ideal age for having the secrets of sexuality

Legally, we consider the age of sexual consent for girls and boys at 15 years ... But this does not mean that if there is still a virgin at 16, it is not the norm! Regarding the first sexual intercourse, there is no "normal age", it all depends on his physical and psychological maturity ... and the context.

Ready in her body ... And in his head!

Having your first sexual intercourse must first rhyme with envy. You must be mature enough in your sexuality and your desires to be able to afford. With adolescence, the body has transformed, it has gradually assumed its adult shape and your libido woke up. You have discovered how to give pleasure alone and you feel totally fulfilled in that level.

So you have achieved relative physical maturity, but for now, your relationship to sexuality is still lonely and order of fantasy. Are you psychologically ready to expose your private life and share your pleasure with a man? Sometimes, the body grows faster than the head, but to take action, it is necessary that the two are aligned.

The best context for the secrets of sexuality

Once you're ready physically and psychologically, is to find the right person. He must really like you, and inspires you enough to trust that you want to make love with him. The context was also important. You should also make it feel totally comfortable with him, safe. Especially for the first time: if you are tense, your muscles will contract and vaginal penetration will be painful.

Expect to see a man with whom you feel comfortable to take the plunge, even though it may seem frustrating ... The frustration is part of life and sexuality as spices!

Play down

Some expect to be really romantic to lose their virginity. And they are right: it is an essential step in the life of a woman, it is important not to waste it. This first experience is critical to your future sex life. Cause dissatisfaction, it can cause blockages and injuries. Take your time, no hurry: life is well done and it will be done when they should be.

Others choose a more experienced man who they like but they are not dating. They just want to get rid of what they see as a burden to go forward with their sex lives. If they are safe to assume their choice and they do not love to be like everyone else, so why not?

In both cases, the most important thing is to feel ready, and downplay the thing: The first time is never sensational, but it opens the door to the next, much nicer!

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