Friday, December 3, 2010

5 Tips for Healthy Women

This definition of women's health requires that all basic needs are met the person, whether emotional, health, nutritional, social and cultural rights and the stage of the embryo to that of the elderly.

As a woman, health is when everything works, everything purrs, both body and mind.

Concerning the health of the body, here are 5 basic tips for healthier food and therefore better health:

1 - Eat fiber to help your digestive system
2 - Eat colorful fruits and vegetables because they are antioxidants and provide vitamin and mineral
3-Drink plenty of cool water to help eliminate toxins and combat dehydration
4 - Make exercise a regular basis to burn calories, stay fit and feel good about her body.
5 - Eat sparingly foods that contain fats "good health" as salmon, walnuts and olive oil

Concerning your mental health, here are 5 more tips:

1 - Take care of yourself. Get enough rest, see a doctor on a regular basis. Stay alert by taking courses or training, reading and visiting friends on a regular basis.

2 - Know when you need help. As a woman, it's something we do not do often. Ask for help when life seems overwhelming or difficult. Locate a person to whom you can turn if you ever need help.

3 - Manage your stress. Identify what gives you comfort and relaxation. Learn relaxation techniques and spend time with at least one friend to whom you can confide.

4 - Cultivate your mind. This can give you ways to overcome the trials of life. It is important to learn to forget old wounds and stop living in the past. The fun activities, relaxing or creative will increase the pleasure you take in life and allow you to stay cheerful.

5 - Acknowledge and celebrate your success. Know enhance your success. It is very beneficial to appoint the positive aspects of your life.

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