Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bleeding Outside The Rules

Metronome real life of a woman, the rules are often sources of anxiety. They arrive early, late, or too abundant so that the flow is drying up and that's a balance that seems challenged. What happens there in the body of a woman when blood flow occurs outside of monthly appointments?

From a young age, women are attentive to the periodicity of their rules. They last from 3 days to a week and may be accompanied to their early pain of varying intensity. Women "do not always remember the date of their last menstrual period but have a pretty good idea of the supposed date of the next period (...)" said Dr. Helene Jacquemin, gynecologist, in his book The Blood of women. Especially since the choice of oral contraception promotes regularity of cycles, a "Swiss precision". For this reason the bleeding that occurs outside of menstrual cycles often legitimately concerned about women.

No panic

Rules Premier reflex : if you start to bleed by being certain not to forget your pill, Do not stop your plate. Doing so may induce ovulation and restarted with her fecundability. The abundance of very small bleeds called "spotting" indicate that the pill is not enough estrogen dosage. This does not mean it is ineffective, but if the bleeding lasts longer than three months, the physician should reassess the dosage.

Stress, travel

Simple explanations may explain these unexpected flows. Stopping the pill for example, which just hides the irregularities of the cycles. Periods of emotional stress or vocational education, long journeys, particularly when there is a lag or when it is a country that enjoys high temperatures. In other pollens that are released in the spring and carry estrogen will be responsible. Finally, the sex or personal hygiene can also trigger bleeding.

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