Saturday, December 11, 2010

Exercise during pregnancy

A woman in good health can safely continue to perform normal activities during pregnancy. Most pregnant women can still exercise, work, travel, bathing and having sex.

Women with low-risk pregnancies can safely exercise throughout their pregnancy. Indeed, it is estimated that moderate physical activity is beneficial for most pregnant women and their babies. Regular exercise and moderate assistance to:

* Prevent constipation;
* Prevent varicose veins;
* Relieve back pain;
* Prepare your body for childbirth;
* Keep your physical ability in general.

Despite the benefits of physical activity, it is important to consult your health care provider before you start exercising. In addition, pregnant women need to know a number of things:

* Avoid getting too hot and overwork, because of high baseline body temperatures may damage the developing fetus. Pregnant women should still talk easily while they are exercising.
* Avoid any exercise that can cause abdominal trauma. Such activities include downhill skiing, horseback riding, water skiing and contact sports (like football).
* Pregnant women are more prone to injuries of the ligaments. Should be avoided or carefully practiced the exercises is to jump and bounce.
* After 20 weeks, pregnant women should avoid exercises that are performed lying on your back, because they may restrict blood flow to the fetus.

Examples of acceptable activities that can be performed during pregnancy include:

* Drive;
* Swimming;
* Dance;
* Yoga;
* Gymnastics classes for pregnant women;
* Kegel exercises (for toning the pelvis);
* Relaxation / stretching.

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