Saturday, December 11, 2010

Health News : Symtoms

Symptoms of painful legs

If you suffer from heavy legs, your legs feel constantly swollen, tired and sore, especially after sport. The sensations are uncomfortable for long hours.

The symptoms usually disappear with rest, but in some cases, rest your legs does not eliminate the problem entirely.

The painful sensations can develop muscle cramps in legs, cold feet, feeling tension in the legs that make them heavy, tired and sore. Ankles may swell and the skin on the legs may itch or become discolored. Cuts or abrasions on the legs can take longer to heal. Read also: Walking: health benefits, benefits for weight loss.

A heavy legs syndrome whose symptoms persist often means you have to make changes in lifestyle. Indeed, having tired legs, tired and painful is often a precursor to a heart exhausted. Read also: Healthier Lifestyles, 10 tips for healthier living.

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