Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It must indeed speak in the plural because there are several forms of insomnia.

One of the most common: the false insomnia:

The subject has the impression of not having slept, but he wakes up well rested and almost, he says things like "it's been 3 nights I did not sleep" and without being more marked than that! ! Try to stay 3 nights without sleep to see! !

These subjects were simply a poor perception of their sleep. Make them accept that they sleep and waking are actually very short is very difficult or impossible.

The external cause of insomnia:

Buzzer partner, bad beds, noise. A false insomnia but the subject is aware of the cause, not always easy to adjust ....

Occasional insomnia:

Following an upset, violent emotion, a trip, etc. ... it does not usually last.
But sometimes if it is prolonged, it will be self sustaining by the simple fear of not sleeping. A sleeping tablets for a few days may help here.

Insomnia due to illness:

Pain, frequent urination, shortness of breath (asthma, heart failure). It is close to the external cause of insomnia.

Insomnia by disruption of the biological clock:

Labour-night shift (3 shifts).
Phase-delay: sleep after 2am. am especially among young
-Phase advance in that old lie increasingly earlier and would sleep 12 hours a day, while 6-7 hours is enough at this age.

Insomnia Apnea Sleep:

This is obstruction of the pharynx with pause in breathing which causes micro awakenings in a big snorer. These clocks are unconscious, the patient said simply tired, the spouse's testimony is the capital. The treatment is specific.

Insomnia in anxiety:

Very often, it's time to fall asleep which is abnormally long. (See our article on anxiety)

The insomnia of depression:

Insomnia in the second half of the night, early morning. Even without other obvious signs, he must think of a latent or masked depression, and consult a doctor.

Insomnia of pharmacological origin:

-Abuse of coffee, tea, alcohol, Coca-Cola, amphetamines.
-Thyroxine, corticosteroids, theophylline, beta blockers, estrogen.
Ill-drugged by sleeping pills and become addicted to these (frequent).

Insomnia psychotic, demented from:

The signs do not deceive shareholders and take center stage.


It will depend on the cause and it is clear here that the signs of sleeping pills are rare and episodic anyway.
The reality is quite different when it knows the consumer (one of the most famous sells 1 million boxes a month in France), Malaysian society? Another drug? Laxity of the medical profession? Requirement and immaturity of patients?
A bit of everything, perhaps?

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