Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mood Swings, Depression and Rules

Women are often accused of susceptibility and irritability when their rules. These mood swings can they be linked to the menstrual cycle? Lets see an evolving scientific history.

In 1900, the Moebius scholar wrote that: "The woman was present during most of his life as a being abnormal ..., while not a real disease, menstruation and pregnancy deeply disturbed mental balance and undermine the ability of discernment and in the legal sense. " For years people thought that there was therefore "an evil female, related to the nature of woman, and whose hysteria would be the most complete form"

A story full of prejudice ... not very feminist

Despite the contempt with which this issue is addressed, the discussions between psychiatrists are passionate and are much written in the late 19th century. Charcot seeks the main causes of the side of the brain. For its part, Icard then claims that the menstrual cycle is a major cause of mood disorders in women. Today, if the brain has been recognized as a regulator of biological cycles, we also know that the role of sex hormones and emotional experiences are crucial.

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