Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Natural remedies

For several years, the use of tranquilizers and anti depressants seem to respond to mood disorders.

Some researchers believe that a lack of prostaglandin E1 could explain the occurrence of PMS. This substance can be synthesized by the body only from the GLA. This fatty acid is contained in evening primrose oil. Thus some studies have been conducted to assess its effectiveness. Reviewed the results of studies on the subject appear to say the least controversial and incertains.

An excerpt from the nail girofle Norvogen developed by the laboratory appears to reduce menstrual pain in the breast. The study took place over 5 months included 18 women aged 25 to 40 years. "The cyclical pain in the breast is a common problem very difficult to treat," said Dr. David Ingram, director of the Breast Center at the hospital in Perth Australia. The origin of this experiment, the researchers found that this symptom is particularly common among Western women.

Meanwhile, the diet of Western populations contain 1-5 mg of isoflavones against 35 to 200 mg for eastern populations. These compounds are known to mimic female estrogen hormone activities Isoflavones are found in certain plants, particularly cloves. Funded by the laboratory, the study concludes that 40 mg of this extract called Promensil ® reduced by 44% the pain in the breasts.

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