Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Painful Menstruation: Watch Out For Stress !

Painful periods are among the most common gynecological disorders. Far from trivial, they can significantly spoil the lives of women who are victims. If the origin of this problem remains a mystery, high levels of stress can double the risk of their occurrence.

Extremely widespread pain accompanying rules are often viewed by women as a cruel fate. But for the first time, a study suggests that better control of stress has an effect.

A very common disorder

Painful menstruation PMS pain cycle menstruelApr├Ęs two or three days of pain in the abdominal area and / or lower back during menstruation, it is called dysmenorrhea. Among the female gynecological disorders, period pains are extremely common. The proportion of women affected is between 43% and 90% according to studies 2, 3. Approximately 10 to 15% suffer from severe and disabling dysmenorrhea, which may lead to work stoppages, school absenteeism and reduced quality learning4 5.

Meanwhile, evidence is accumulating about the detrimental role of stress in the occurrence of gynecologic problems of pregnancy, such as births prematurely6. But despite a suspicion of increasingly serious, the links between stress and menstrual pain were not identified. Previous studies have faced the difficulty of linking exactly when these two conditions based only on ex post subjective statements of women.

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