Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Personality Disorders

Difficult to speak of disease, but rather a set of traits. It's sort of personalities at the border between normal and pathological. That character will be more likely to switch to such a disease, such as psychasthenic is more likely to experience depression, everything will depend on the vagaries of life and environment.

Hysterical personality:

Most often found in women, is characterized by attitudes of seduction, sexual or not, a tendency to invent stories, sensitivity to the environment used as a spectator of dramatic emotional events.


Their attitude is reserved. Unlike the hysteric, the obsessive has difficulty expressing his feelings and affection. These subjects meticulous prey to perpetual doubt (hence greed), they lack imagination, they are obsessed with work.

Phobic personality:

Often folded in on themselves, they avoid objects or situations stressful.

Paranoid Personality Disorder:

This personality is characterized by an overestimation of itself, an abnormally developed pride, a great difficulty to challenge his opinions or his reasoning, a lack of self-criticism, authoritarianism, a susceptibility associated with distrust, sometimes with aggression.

Personality psychasthenic

Any decision or activity requires effort, sadness is obvious and chronic. Subject to doubts and scruples it feels to never be realized, lost in thought. Fantasy and sexuality are poor, in opposition to perfectionism and moralism. Possible evolution towards depression.

These subjects tormented, forever dissatisfied with themselves, proud but vulnerable, they externalize their feelings hurt, they are uncomfortable with sexuality and hypochondriacal concerns against a background of depression. They can develop into paranoid delusions.

Psychopathic personality:

Early teens.

These volatile subjects both sentimental and professional, they think after the impulsive acting out, sometimes antisocial. They do not tolerate any authority or frustration. Significant risk of addiction.

Dependent Personality Disorder:

Subject, that personality has a permanent need to be sustained, directed, reassured. She is afraid of being alone and abandoned.

Schizoid personality:

With a clear tendency to isolation, social withdrawal, it suffers from an inability to express pleasure or feelings. She takes refuge in the abstract and imaginary world. Upgradeable to schizophrenia.

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