Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A PMS Pill Cons

Every month some women have more or less severe symptoms before the onset of the rules. Various treatments have been tried to prevent these premenstrual syndrome. Among the latest drugs available, a new estrogen / progestin pill.

Is usually estimated that three in four women have at one time or another, experience a premenstrual syndrome. The latter is characterized by the appearance of symptoms the most diverse in the days preceding the onset of the rules. These may include headaches, tired legs, diarrhea, irritability, tension breasts.

But the most severe form of premenstrual syndrome is manifested by mood disorders, often depressive tendency. Between 2 and 9% of women suffer from these disorders of mood ring. Appraissent symptoms usually one week before menstruation and totally surrender their arrival.

Effective antidepressants

Often, fortunately, the symptoms are very intense and the women do not even need to talk to their doctor. But sometimes the discomfort is significant and may prevent work and social life. Drugs directed against the main symptoms may provide some relief. In the case of mood disorders, several studies have clearly shown the effectiveness of some selective inhibitors of the reuptake of serotonin (a family of antidepressants whose leader is Prozac). However such treatment can only speak to severe syndromes.

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