Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Pregnant Patient II

What is the small return of diapers?

While the lochia are not completed, sometimes bleeding to intensify the twelfth day. We are talking about small back layer. It may take three or four days. The small menses has nothing to do with rules or with the resumption of menstrual cycle.

The return of rules announces he is always a resumption of the ovarian cycle?

After delivery, the body recovers lost pace in nine months. Often it takes a few weeks before everything returns to normal. In addition, breastfeeding disrupts the cycle and can block ovulation. This is why doctors do not always wait for the return of layers to prescribe contraception. Attention, sometimes women fall pregnant a month after childbirth, so do not take lightly this time!

Breastfeeding delays the arrival there of the back layer?

Mostly, yes. The deadline for the return of layer will be more repulsed that breastfeeding will be intensive. When the baby sucks, hormones that prevent the smooth running of the ovarian cycle and the return rules are released. The use of breastfeeding as a contraceptive method returns the mode (LAM), but that means strictly follow certain rules, your gynecologist will be able to explain. Keep in mind that the mere fact of giving breastfeeding her baby does not protect a new pregnancy.

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