Saturday, December 4, 2010

Publication of the decree declaring a protection order for victims

Combating violence against women: the decree establishing the order of protection of victims is gazetted.

The young girl of 17 stabbed by her former boyfriend in Montpellier reveals once again the urgency to act against continuing violence against women.

It is in this context that the Government, pursuant to his commitment to the parliamentarians during the discussion the bill passed last July 9 strengthening our body of laws on this subject, just published the decree declaring a protection order for victims.

Henceforth, every woman in danger can immediately benefit from protection measures independently or upstream of the complaint. This emergency system will also organize the terms of the daily life of the victim (allocation of housing, exercise parental authority, contribution towards the expenses of marriage, leave to conceal his residence where appropriate).

In France, a woman dies every two and a half days at the hands of his companion, representing 20% of the murders. This is why the fight against violence against women has been raised to the rank of major national cause in 2010.

Furthermore this new scheme, the Law of 9 July 2010 on combating violence against women voted unanimously beyond political divisions, offers a range of tools to better prevent and punish violence:

* Create a crime of violence psychological
* Extension of the procedure for eviction of the perpetrator is currently applicable to married persons linked by a PACS spouse and unmarried
* And most importantly, implementation of electronic tracking device of the abuser.

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