Monday, December 20, 2010

Think Contraception!

Please note that the return date of layers do not determine the return of fertility. After childbirth, a woman must protect themselves when resuming sexual intercourse, if she does not want to immediately create a new child. Only condoms or taking a pill it can effectively avoid another pregnancy during this transitional period.

It is too early to have an IUD or to use contraceptives (spermicides, suppositories, diaphragm), since the uterus has not regained its original volume and the reproductive tract has not resumed a normal shape and volume . Of course, after the return of menses, women may freely choose a contraceptive method.
Stop the ideas!

In summary, we must put an end to two misconceptions about fertility after pregnancy:

* "The absence of rules, this means that the menstrual cycle has not yet resumed. Certainly, the return of layers clearly marks the restart of a regular cycle. But in the absence of rules, sometimes there is ovulation. So even without monthly bleeding, a woman can get pregnant!

* Another misconception is the belief that a nursing mother is not fertilized. The reality is more complex as the woman breastfeeding her baby completely or partially, or not it can be temporarily sterile. But experience shows that breastfeeding women may get pregnant. Therefore, in maternity wards, it is often offered to women with a low dose pill with progesterone, which is compatible with breastfeeding, to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

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