Monday, December 20, 2010

You Said "Menses"?

You return from maternity and dread the famous "menses" ... But what does this phrase exactly? How to manage the return to normal? To help you find your woman's body, gives his advice ends a few ideas ...

Many women returning from maternity, famous fear the return of menses. Some details remain to serene face a natural step.

When hormones get involved!

The layer woman is pregnant, the levels of some hormones increase its body: the case of prolactin. This same hormone after birth, which triggers lactation: more sucking of the child, the greater the level of prolactin increases, the secretion of milk is great. After feeding, other hormones (follicle and progesterone) offset the impact of prolactin: the milk dries up temporarily until the next feeding. Prolactin is the hormone that interrupts the reproductive cycle. Thus, during lactation, when prolactin levels are high, women can not theoretically conceive. The return to normal hormone results in recurrence rules: the famous return of menses.

Back layer: when is it?

After childbirth, women have brownish discharge, the lochia. This flow can last several weeks, however, about the twelfth day after birth, the losses are often more abundant, without being followed by a resumption of the menstrual cycle: it is called the "little menses.

What we call real "return of layers," it is the first period after childbirth and are generally longer and more abundant than the normal rules. If not breastfeeding, the return of menses occurs six to eight weeks after the birth of his child. When breastfeeding, the return of layers is later: either it occurs after the end of breastfeeding, or if it extends about 3 months after childbirth.

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