Sunday, November 4, 2012

Decided to Attend the Birth

What if you decided to attend the birth, or you're still full frequency, and here are ten tips to follow in order to play a real big part of your spouse.

A. Not look like a scarecrow

You are always welcome in the delivery room, unless under the influence of passion that you planted me in the middle of the room, at the adoption of the midwife or doctor. So when you get back, and sit side by side with your wife, and when you see what happens closer, ever careful not want to interfere in the medical team. And when you're away, and completely out of the room and come back later when it must improve.

2. Encourage them not to exaggerate

Sure, you have your wife to support you, and give them the strength to continue, if it was enough. And like everything else, it's best in moderation! A lot of "going my favorite, you can make it work or go a little more" for the tenth year in a row, so it can be annoying black and claims.

For those who do not feel that! Ever in this role well, and remember that not everything that I was there at his side, has been a great pleasure and a great comfort to them Finally, avoid "Who are you?" Every two minutes, the once more to emphasize that the peace is.

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