Saturday, December 29, 2012

Joint work healthy

For a joint working group correctly, that absorb shocks, a movement without friction, there must be two elements: synovial fluid, lubrication, cartilage is a flexible fabric and facilitates flexible.

The cartilage is composed of:

 Collagen is a strong network of fibers that gives cartilage its shape.

 Proteoglycans: water-rich molecule that gel and can be compressed again generates its shape after deformation.

 Cartilage: cells that repair cartilage collagen manufacturer and proteoglycans.

Finally, work is provided cartilage healthy shock absorbers.

When it comes to inflammation

When confined permanently and common mood disorders and muscle, it ignites. This may be the RSI or repetitive. It is said that. Genetic predisposition which promotes inflammation (15% to 20% of osteoporosis) Obesity is also a reason, especially osteoporosis of the hip, knee and pelvic area, and because of the pressure on the joint exercise. Also important is the lack of physical activity

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