Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ensure the health of your child's teeth

You must be a reflection of how to put a seatbelt in the car!
Certainly you should brush your teeth for 3 minutes, but should not deter the child, you can than 1 minute each, then Start 2, then 3.

A diet rich and diverse
To ensure the health of your child's teeth, give him a varied diet without excess sugar or carbohydrates, which include: cereal bars, sweets, biscuits and sugary drinks, but also chips and other salty foods .... Especially to avoid snacking between meals! Three meals a day and two snacks a maximum good teeth (and avoid excess weight!) To help keep them.

It will be drunk special attention on alcoholic beverages on a regular basis throughout the day. Avoid nipples in all a little bland, and a bottle of milk and a bottle of syrup or sugar water after cleaning to sleep at night! ... If your child is thirsty, and when he was little, and give him water, it is best to update. It is also a way to get used to soft drinks to avoid, because then he might not appreciate that ...

Without these precautions, a child all decayed teeth at the age of 3 or 4 years

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