Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hatha Yoga

Deployment of yoga on bulletin boards in newspapers and often refer to this dimension, Hatha Yoga. Role in the traditional spiritual path to discipline the mind and body to maintain optimal health, so that a person can think better and longer.

Tools of Hatha yoga breathing exercises (pranayama practice) and more than a thousand positions (called asanas). This latter is often bear evocative names - tree, plow, Bow, Cobra, and so on. - The difficulty is progressive. Famous lotus position (legs crossed), which many yoga meditation.

Positions require stretching movements, bending and torsion that promote flexibility in the spine to ask, joints, nerves and muscles and affect all organs and glands. The digestive system is stimulated and improves blood circulation before. In addition, you can get the position for a period of time due to the mind to develop stamina and focus, and offers the benefits of meditation.

As with breathing techniques, asking, for example, with special attention to breathing too slow or intermittently to change inspired by the language, in a sense, etc.. According to Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), the life of a man is not measured in days, but ... Number of breaths ultimate goal, breathing techniques, and the development and control of Prana, and "elixir of life" is.

Yoga says that a healthy body is important for the development of mental and spiritual health. As yogis say: "Health is Wealth mental peace is happiness yoga shows the way." ..

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