Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Help your child

Help your child cope with everyday worries ...

 Concerns, errors, conflicts, fears, difficulties ... You can not avoid these unpleasant experiences for your child. Learning to overcome his fears (fear of darkness, separation, small animals ...) and the difficulties of every day (at school with siblings ...), it grows! But in this learning difficult, you have a role to play. It is important not to hide the difficult times through which the family (illness, death ...) it is also important to try not to talk as concerns (physical, financial, work, school, News on TV ...) to get to highlight the good times of life. For example, when you are together, you can from time to time, invite everyone to raise three nice things that happened in the day. You can help your child understand their emotions and to make a difference in naming them. They are natural and it is normal to have some very different emotions in the same day (fear, joy, sadness, anger, anxiety ...).

To overcome the daily worries, everyone makes their own way. You can help your child find solutions. Very early on, the child invents the "small stuff", ways to cope with difficulties, but it does not necessarily aware ... You can help to identify and build on what works well, find new ones. for example, some children anticipate, many questions while others prefer to live in the moment

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