Monday, January 21, 2013

Maintaining General Health

6 most common specialties are trained:

- Maintaining general physical
- Prevention of back pain
- Special courses ABS glutes
- Stretch
- Relaxation
- Specific physical preparation
- Diet and weight loss
- Physical Therapy
- 3 and 4 courses specific age

All courses are with or without equipment.

7 If you do not feel good about the first meeting with your coach, do not hesitate to change it, because it needs to know:

To listen -

- Adjust your position if necessary
- To participate significantly -
- Do you have a course organizer
- Provide various meetings
- They are working effectively
It is not idle.

8 Avoid "funds manager" that does not always send professors and experienced teachers who are different every time.

9 should get your trainer necessarily what progress after three months (even one session per week

10 Do not hesitate to contact the Ministry of Youth and Sports, if you have any doubts about the qualifications of your trainer.

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