Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sports Training

Questions that ask about sports training:

How hour session?
Between 40 and 100 euros. Price may be increased if the site of the course is more than an hour to go home coach.

If we are to provide a medical certificate for the coach?
Yes, it is important to prove that you are in good health

What is the duration of not less than a session?
Half an hour, but it is very rare for a coach moves a little time for that

How many sessions does it take to get a successful result?
It depends on the person, but it is advisable to take one-hour session per week for someone who has never done sports, then two sessions for 6 months, then get three for three months, and real satisfaction.

We can choose the site of the course?
Of course! They have so far to attend the lessons at home. You can go to a friend, in the open on your desk ...

What are the hours of classic coach?
Generally are the hours to 21 hours 8:00, even on weekends. Through the end of the past and by 22 hours for people with the necessities of work.

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