Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Be yourself !

So ... You can also stop, go through life as a copy
How many times in life you really you yourself? Self-determined lives and original, of course, in accordance with the truth of your interior?

We are here in front of something belonging
Is not it true that we, instead of living authentic really, we often in abgucken something else or read something, what we find big and then do as if it were fact we have - although it does not agree with what we and really believe that do you do?

One finger Zen Master Gutei
Tips in the last training was talking about the main Gutei Zen, whenever he was asked about the nature of Zen, has been extended until only one finger, so that immediate moment to express the story of goes bringen.Die more The Mr. Zain students who watched him eagerly. And when stretched student one day, and it's a woman there is no demand by a visitor to the teachings of Jesus, as he had copied to the finger in the air.

When discovered master, and he suddenly cut his finger to his disciple! As boy screaming escaped, called a hero - he turned to Mr. extended his finger in the air. At this moment I wake up students on the nature and saw his true face.

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