Monday, February 25, 2013

Hair Cutt

Remove the tape from the right side of the hair. Comb entire section carefully until I reached the summit Ends of the hair. Holding a comb hair cutting carefully run it for a longer period from the end of the comb. Insert your finger a few inches under the chapter on cross-section of hair, then lift Chapter in this section easily. Run a comb through your hair section below, and stop

When you get to the ends of the hair. Cut hair removal, and the length of the hair Natural and safe, this section of the road and repeat this step until you have worked your way through the rest of the the left pane.


Right side and gently comb to remove tangles. Put a finger on the chapter on the return of an inch from your forehead, Then downwards droitede range SI create your head on the vertical part of the hair before it. Run your Comb through this section of the hair at a 45 degree angle of the head. Holding a comb at the ends Natural long hair and grooming, and as a result of the angle of the comb. Reform this part of the road and then again on Through the rest of the cross-section in the same way.
Repeat Steps 4 to 6, with other sections of the hair.

Cut your bangs. A comb at the same angle as the average margin (ie, hold down the ridge to the right, and if you have one, Margin straight cut), and then run the comb through the footage in this position until it is flush with the ends Natural hair cutting hair longer than the other. Check the back of your hair by using a pocket mirror The back of the head while he was standing in front of a large mirror and see the reflection. Check the rest of the hair Her fingers on the corresponding parts on each side of the head at the same time to make sure they Almost the same length. In general, you should not be able to split the difference between you and your file extensions Natural hair unless there is a difference in color. Seal The ends of the extensions with sealant to prevent hair extension specialists to fray and secretion.

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