Sunday, February 3, 2013

Questions of daily life

Practical advice and training to questions of daily life:

        To approach you the purpose of your life, and ask yourself what activities you enjoy and you are ready to go a little bit on the one hand, and activities that will charge you with energy and completely when rising.
        Ask yourself, for once, working for a better life than your parents had (been).
        Be willing to take risks and to do so, allowing you to more fulfilling.
        Make sure you're fine - take the initiative to do whatever is necessary to get what you need for yourself.
        Leave behind the old, and behavior occurs embolism, which pretends only the illusion of security.
        Discover your life purpose and judge you from using your energy to judge the present, on what you can do here and now.
        Avoid drift down to the future and to the past. So go out of the way at the present time.
        Be the creator of your own life. Do not allow you to others zuschanzen a supporting role in the film. There was at least sure to be one of the main characters.

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