Sunday, February 3, 2013

Social Tension

How you meet the real causes of social tension
There are people, and situations, and events that are best suited to us internally very nice to get rid of the track, so we prefer to just scream and run around and throw all you want:

• Your boss who grabs you more and more tasks on the desktop.

• client annoying who find fault with everything.

• lazy colleague who makes a good time at your expense.

• your partner makes you constantly because of some trivialities stress.

• your children, annoying whining and go and you belong to the mind.


But wait, stop: go for himself in the air .. Finally we are grown and cultivated, as it has not been raged and screamed and thrown something. Our social conditioning ensures that we maintain the cover is beautiful. What is also the first not very worst, otherwise we will just put Neanderthals and go in each other's throat :-)

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