Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This will restore your energy

As long as you have other responsibility zuschiebst or even explain them guilty, you give up a large part of your strength. This force, strength of character, you can recover by changing your attitude and sincerely forgive. Forgiveness means giving up any thought or desire for revenge. Each person, who you have been forgiven, has no power over you.

Yourself and others is that honestly forgive another step toward personal freedom and internal peace :-)
Practical advice and training to questions of daily life:

Some of them do you feel let down?
        The person who did not forgive? People in your life authority or control over you?
        What prevents the Dutch work to forgive these people?
        What will you have to know who you need to be in order to be able to forgive them?
        How can you do that, you can einräumst others about you?
        What qualities and / or skills that you need to take full control of your life?
        Remember a situation where you have been forgiven honestly - how did you feel?
        What are you willing to forgive your parents? Do it!
        What are you willing to forgive your partner? Do it!
        What are you willing to forgive yourself? Do it!

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