Saturday, March 2, 2013

Heat on your Hair

Use of heat on your hair. Blow-drying and curling irons put more value on your hair can and I caused the damage. Do not use heat on your hair every day, and if you do not wear, Hydrocarbons, and to protect the branches.


Your hair gently. Node comb and tangles from the ends and gradually work your way up in the branches. This Reduce breakage in excess. Also, be careful when you brush your hair because the hair can be difficult. Do not let the hair dry and brittle. Sun and dry weather and more chemicals that can make your Brittle hair. Fragile filament more likely to break. Using the effects of hydrocarbons at least several times Week. This will help to give your hair. Smooth and silky Keep your cut ends. Many African-American women are reluctant to do so because they want the hair Long. But remember, all you hold too tight, you lose. Your hair is no exception. If you have Damaged ends, they share all the way down to the roots of your hair and begins to break down. Only A way to stop it is to cut the damaged parts. This will not only lead your lotions better cheveuxok, it Growth is stronger and faster. We ask ends at least once every six weeks, and each time , Tense and identify targets. Forget all the hype you see in the ads that air Reform ends. If you keep your cut ends, your hair is healthy so won'tmatter Use air conditioning (you can save money and less expensive.)

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