Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Unless you live like a wild man on a desert island, I have always assumed the man that he needed the other.

Social life was the subject of extensive studies (sociology) and quickly asked how to live in harmony within the community.

Plato, Socrates, and others, and society, studied the reactions of people in their midst: they influenced the philosophy, but also sociology and psychology.
Pharmacists, naturopaths and old books

Heal and heal others. It seems that these concerns are not new:

    Egyptians had their own recipes for mummies Embalm, with ointments, plants and stripes.
    They were both pharmacists, pharmacists, herbalists current, which tend to disappear.

Revenue was obtained a "miracle" in the old books and only a few of the "chosen" the proceeds can be used to eliminate the poison.

Revenue grandmothers are now up to date again.

Recognition of the plant, mix some essential oils, or fabrication of grog for a better night's sleep are more interested in easy to have tried sleeping pills, and returned to the natural methods.

The need to live happily for all ages

If parents have the responsibility for infants and young children, and adults, and it is up to us, to our well-being and happiness to live to see until the last breath.

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